Godox S150W III Lampe vidéo LED blanche

4,800MAD HT

Godox SL150W III Lampe vidéo LED blanche est une source lumineuse de style monolite à LED de 150 W équilibrée en lumière du jour adapté à la diffusion, à la cinématographie, au streaming en ligne et à d’autres applications vidéo. Les paramètres de gradation vont de 0 % à la pleine puissance et peuvent être ajustés par sa télécommande sans fil.

Catégorie :

III gen

The III generation of SL lights offers high brightness (73600 lux), stable color temperature of 5600K and a high CRI/TLCI color rendering index of 96/97. SL-150III is a stable light source, and is suitable for video recording, streaming or photography. Brightness level range from 0% to 100% and can be adjusted using the wireless remote control (available separately), on the fixture, or via the bluetooth app (Godox Light App).

Convenience and comfort
The light has awell-designed U-bracket that can rotate 360° to accommodate large modifiers or position the lamp at the desired angle. Wireless control gives you control of the unit from up to 50 meters away with an optional remote control and up to 30 meters away using an app.

8 FX effects
With 8 preset special effects, you can simulate the lighting effects of a lightning flash, a TV, a broken light bulb, etc., providing more creative possibilities in filming.

Silent mode operation
You can turn off the fan with a single press of the quiet mode button to eliminate noise during use. (Note: when you turn off the fan, the maximum brightness will slightly decrease).

By using the popular Bowens accessory mount, the flash is compatible with many modifiers available on the market, both manufactured by Godox and by many independent producers.

In package:

  • Godox SL-150 III light,
  • reflector,
  • lamp cover,
  • power cable,
  • original packaging.